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Action without vision is a nightmare.

When one creates phantoms for oneself, one puts vampires into the world, and one must nourish these children of a voluntary nightmare with one’s blood, one’s life, one’s intelligence, and one’s reason, without ever satisfying them

I want to punch someone in his/her face. I can’t forget what happened last night. I had a very bad nightmare, my Uncle called up a Priest or somewhat called “Ispiritista”. I was shouting something and my uncle didn’t tell me much of what happened last night. Now I can’t sleep, the devils are permanently formed in my mind and some are even in form of human appearance. I didn’t attend the Family day for some private and awkward reasons. I lied many times today.

Now I think it’s the time for me to remove the milk beyond my mouth, and start to put cigs on it. Manners are more of importance than Laws. I need to start a good day tomorrow. Have a good recitation, tests and performance. And with this I end my post.

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