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Club Day

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

We watched Shattered Glass in Aquinian. We didn’t finish it because the movie was boring plus the PA is fucking annoying. Our EIC talked about the Campus paper again. “Spread the Love” – Click for Justice.

Ms. Rosales will not be attending our class tomorrow, but she left a seatwork.

I feel a bit upset because my tongue piercing is swelling. I can’t eat HOT SOUP, nor chickens and cheese. I’ve finally tracked Kuya Elpo’s facebook account. What I did was:

– Typed FEU EL POL in google
– Then this linked appear :
– And on the comment section I found Elpol Lorenzo
– I searched it on facebook and it’s correct.

Hahahaha. I’ll be having my tournament next next week. Goodluck to me.

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November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Class is quite edgy today. I finally got the results of my math grade and I retained it as 80. My english grade is a bitch slopy though, my raw score is 72 and the corresponding card grade for that is 79. One more point in my raw sore and my grade will be 80.

The reason why Condom is the blog title is because on our way back from “Kwek-Kwekan”, I noticed a transparent condom, and a green one. it was very yucky, totally. I find it hard describing the shape. -_-

hahahha, It was fun though, Aya has a picture of it.

This for now.

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Today will remain a dream

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment

I arrived in school past 6:00, all the way I thought were still going to practice. But then most of my cheer dance mates were already inside the High School building. I can’t barely move my legs in any direction. It scornfully hurts like hell. Quennie never gave up in practicing Cartwheel. Bea helped me to do my scorpion again. She lifted my left foot to be stretched.


I will not forget this day.  Al most all events that happened today is the most relevant things in my life.


Everything was a rush. Our costumes, dressing up and the props. It’s our last day with our choreographer, and we’ll surely miss him. That one week of practice is worth it. We didn’t win but we gave our best. Everyone was happy about that. When the winners were finally announced. We took pictures and finally Kuya Elpol bade his goodbye. Some said that we placed 4th, but I’m not sure about that thing.

Now, everything that happened today remains a dream that will never happen again. I’ll miss cheering practices, I’ll miss going home late and having good conversation with Alsase and the company.


This for now.


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Sitting on past time glories.

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s our last day in our cheering competition. Our rendezvous was at Quadri centennial, 6 AM but most of them arrived like 7:30? That’s pathetic. Geraldine was forced to dance because Danica was not that sure in attending our Gen. Rehearsal. It’s my first time to ride LRT though. It was fun,  Maye and Bea let the Old Lady sit, and they stood up.

I had a hard time doing scorpion, it’s a bit vague but the new dance steps are totally obscure. I’ll miss cheering practices starting this day onwards. I was surprised that Bea knew how to do scorpion. We started 9am and ended9pm. Exhausting but it’s worth it. On our way home I was with Geraldine (Mibba friend), Ava Aboy, Kevin Cartano Trixie, Nicole Alsase Cablar, Aya and Abigail Esmael. I had a great conversation with Andrea Forte about friends. Kevin was pathetic in asking filthy questions. I finally saw my mibba friend, Gel/Geraldine. She’s a well outspoken person.

My legs sucks today, I had a hard time splitting, doing scorpion, a straight cartwheel and herkiss (or whatever the spelling is).

Goodluck for our cheering tomorrow. Whether we lose our not, at least we did our best.

We had a blur last night. Always late, but worth the wait.

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