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Divine Lucidity

December 8, 2009 Leave a comment

This post is for yesterday and today. Yesterday, our class was merged with St. Bernadette. Our teachers prepared lots of activities for us. By the way, we came to school today because we didn’t join the camping, or your a glee club member or a school varsity. When Ms. Lynn entered our classroom, she checked the haircut of boys again, and frantically noticed that Jared’s hair is already long. She sent Jared to Ms. Gregorio, and Jared was given the sanction. Ms. Lynn gave me a vague look in the eye. I already knew what she mean, that I need to have my haircut the following day. And now it’s Mandatory. I don’t want to see myself inside Ms. Gregorio’s office, that would be lewd. Anyway, I decided to repeat my crosstich all over again. *Sighs. I had a great convo with Lorenzo and Ric with the recent movies. I’m about to watch New Moon today in greenbelt with my friend, Kassu. After I watched the movie, I felt nothing. It’s very uncertain, the movie is not like twilight. When I watched twilight, I had the feeling to watch it like 5 times, but in New Moon, it made me think that I wasted money for it. Well, missing a good thing ti’ it’s gone is bad.





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Winter breeze

December 5, 2009 Leave a comment

It has been one month since I last posted here and in blogspot. Yesterday after bsp, I decided to audition on YTI. Frightfully nervous but t’was okay. There were so many people who’s going to the “Last minute” audition. It was already 7:30 when it’s my turn to sing. I sang “I surrender by celine dion”. It was as good as fuck, but I don’t know if I’ll be hearing my name in the PA the following day.


High school went down camping today. I didn’t join for awkward reasons. I think it would look lewd if I ever I joined the camping this year. Yesterday in the room of the non-campers everyone has been pathetic with the given project to us, in replacement for us not joining the camping. It’s a knot-tie thing, for kindergarten. That mundane stuff bores me alot and they even required us to remove our shoe laces just to practice the knots. I think they’re poor because they can’t even supply us proper tie for our knot project.


When I auditioned in YTI, I learned to overcome my self-confidence. When I entered AVR I, I wasn’t nervous at all, but my voice was a little bit creaking. I think that’s fine and I got a compliment from a guy whom I dont know. It’s already a success for me. And now, I’m hoping for more. 20 days before christmas.

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