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Winter breeze

It has been one month since I last posted here and in blogspot. Yesterday after bsp, I decided to audition on YTI. Frightfully nervous but t’was okay. There were so many people who’s going to the “Last minute” audition. It was already 7:30 when it’s my turn to sing. I sang “I surrender by celine dion”. It was as good as fuck, but I don’t know if I’ll be hearing my name in the PA the following day.


High school went down camping today. I didn’t join for awkward reasons. I think it would look lewd if I ever I joined the camping this year. Yesterday in the room of the non-campers everyone has been pathetic with the given project to us, in replacement for us not joining the camping. It’s a knot-tie thing, for kindergarten. That mundane stuff bores me alot and they even required us to remove our shoe laces just to practice the knots. I think they’re poor because they can’t even supply us proper tie for our knot project.


When I auditioned in YTI, I learned to overcome my self-confidence. When I entered AVR I, I wasn’t nervous at all, but my voice was a little bit creaking. I think that’s fine and I got a compliment from a guy whom I dont know. It’s already a success for me. And now, I’m hoping for more. 20 days before christmas.

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