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Today, Duddy left a letter

Daryl, this is daddy.  Parents, in their love and great concern to their children, dream big, far and wide that their children may become the best.  Indeed, law or medicine is something I look forward to, and perhaps this is just sublimation—trying to impose to you what I or your mom have not personally achieved.  Seen in this perspective, it is indeed violence,  a dictation which negates what we truly fundamentally believe upon:  freedom of self-expression and self-determination.  As parents, the tendency to dream for their children is natural, in fact, it is this dream that drives us with your mom, that encourages us to climbs mountains to mountains and turn nights into days that we may be able to provide the way for such dreams to become reality.  However, as you well know, our dream may not be your dream, and we are very much aware of that.  Let me tell you my dear son:  follow your dream…. Sometimes daddy may not fully comprehend why and its meaning… because he tends to be so biased with his beliefs and prejudices…  the art of living is in being able to struggle, through ups and downs and in a creative way, the realization and appreciation of others of the dream that you aspire for.  To work for it and be the best that you can be while gradually making people realize (though they may initially do not agree) that this is what God wants you to contribute in adding meaning and colors in this already suffering world.  Daryl, indeed, you are unique too like daddy, mommy, micco, angel and kim.  It is in this relationship that such uniqueness shines…. How it will shine is also a strategy you have to make…. Sometimes as I have said we may not understand, but this should not hinder you from proceeding.  Remember, the greatness of life is in being able to show your place, that others may live life more meaningfully because of the place (time and space) you have carved out with your sweat and blood.  Finally, go where your heart is.  From dad

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