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PHFW Albert Andrada Holiday 2013 Finale

June 1, 2013 Leave a comment



The spectrum of grandeur did not illuminate much. But the magnificence of the artistry combined with opulence and transcendency turned the spotlight to Dubai-based Filipino designer Albert Andrada — making his collection a fitting finale to this season’s Philippine Fashion Week.

“More feminine, more elegant, and more to the Manila crowd taste,” that’s how Andrada described his collection in an interview with the Style Monger TV. More than that, he mixed the temper well in reviving the glamour of the medieval age. 

It was a parade of immortal wearability. Each look was an imminent interpretation from the Byzantine era. Andrada abandoned reality in favor of a more symbolic approach. 


Andrada showed modernity in his collection. An enticing gold number of a kaftan, metallic trousers and platforms opened his collection. The recreation of looks was done in a spirited manner. There were dresses in crystals and sheers, tailored jackets and chiffon skirts in an imperial purple color, floor length gowns in different cuts, brocade jackets, towering crown, and gold embroideries to cap off for finale’s austere but elegant ensemble.

It was a journey of memories past. Andrada took us to a trip showing how a finale should be done: not of resplendence but more of feeling the narrative, a more powerful way to end this season’s Philippine Fashion Week.