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September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a long time. A hiatus, perse. Today I want to talk about emotions. One may perceive that emotions drives a person either to excel or to degrade his or her being as a human. Emotions are so powerful. It can make a person successful, and it can be a reason for somebody’s demise.

It depicts and captures the innate feelings of man. Either grasping euphoria or dysphoria, emotions tend to let us venture to the unknown. The unknown which is something more than skin deep. Emotion can be like a palace. A palace, perhaps if it makes you shift into the paradigm of utopia. Or, it can be hell. Emotions can slide and go down into the underworld where one meets Hades. Sometimes, it skips Charon, and the angry dispute will swim in the temptestous pool and burst the clasping emotion of anger.

Sometimes, we opiate and cage ourselves from emotions. We drift into our emotions and solely rely on it. We contribute to the faint of heart and consign to the oblivion of our mind. ┬áSometimes, what you’ll be reading in the local dailies would be about a married woman killing her husband because of ┬áthird party. That explicates how emotions can lead to a very unfortunate demise.; a woman felt enraged and stabbed her husband 20 times. Can you imagine that? 20 times! Emotions are so dominant, ┬ácontrolling and sometimes wicked!

Frequently, when people tends to be nervous, they would blabber and tatter a lot. They will talk about random and awkward things that are not related to what he or she is being nervous about. During declamation speeches or anything that will require someone to face a multitude of crowd, he or she will put a coin under their feet and believe that all negative energies will be there and that there will be a constant flow of energy in his or her body which will make stagnant of their emotions.

Emotions brings life to a dead and pale soul. Laughter and happiness has been proven to prolong a life of a person. Happiness can be an instrument in slowing down the development of unwanted wrinkles in your face. A smile takes only few muscles to move, and a thousand for a frown.

I was urged to write something about emotions today because first, its the most important thing in writing a sports article. A sports writer should make the reader feel like he/she is in the game, feeling the same fete of the crowd and even the players. Second and lastly, because my dad was enraged and so much driven by his emotion today.

Intermittently, only a few would understand how emotions function. On how to understand what people feel and on how to decimate the right words to tell to someone who fall into the chasm of chained emotions. But always keep in mind that is should be the brain that should function the most when we commit an action. It is placed in the top part of our body because it should govern and guide ourselves as a whole, and our heart, in the center, for it will serve like a moral judgment of our action.

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